Tim Waltinger (1976, Regensburg, Germany) makes paintings, drawings, mixed media collages and assemblages, new media art and sculptures. By implementing a dramatic and often metaphorical terminology, Waltinger intents to deepen the astonishment of the viewer. His compositions leave traces by balancing on the edge of recognition and estrangement. In his at times surreal but always intense pictures, fiction and reality meet, well-known allegories merge, meanings shift and past and present fuse. Moment and thought play a crucial role. By using a visual terminology that approaches disparate and contrasting social and political matters, he consolidates ostensibly incompatible concepts into a renewed and different universe. His precise attitude analyzes the blurred border between experience and imagination. His engaging research regarding the fusion between language and image establishes a thorough involvement with the spectator, both in emotional as well as intellectual terms. Tim Waltinger lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Selected exhibitions: Artfacts

Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich, Regensburg), Switzerland (Zurich, Basel, Berne), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), U.S.A. (Saint Louis, Santa Monica), Canada (Toronto), Australia (Melbourne), South Korea (Seoul), Mexico (Mexico City)